Edizione 2023

On Tuesday, June 20th, the participants enjoyed a visit to the Ancient District of the Sassi followed by the second day of matches.!!

On Tuesday morning, all the teams from the Matera groups, except for the Montenegrin teams who played their matches from the 1st day, gathered at the Villa Comunale to explore the Ancient District of the Sassi. Guided by the expert Pasquale, the young athletes from around the world discovered the Sasso Barisano and the Sasso Caveoso, with all their diversity, including visits to the ancient cave houses of Matera, set up exactly as they were in the past, providing them with a unique journey.

In the afternoon, the second day of matches took place at the Lanera and Palasassi sports halls, with the spotlight on the Pielle team who faced the Canadian team, along with all the other participating teams who began to shape the fate of the groups.

Tomorrow marks the final matches of the group stage, determining the 16 teams advancing to the quarter-finals. All teams will be assured an equal number of matches, without neglecting attention to any team.

The matches of the 3rd day will take place tomorrow afternoon at Palasassi and Pala Lanera.